Who are we?

Who are we?

We are an SEO Agency.

Our site allows you to refer electricians and plumbers who will take the service request. We refer users to qualified and RBQ certified professionals.

For professionals: Through our site, we connect users who need a serviced and we transmit project requests directly to their phone. The contractor or employer of the latter who accepts your application certifies that he has these cards of the direction of the building (RBQ) which guarantees that you are qualified and certified RBQ for user. Professionals will receive real-time and phone notifications from people who need your services. The itinerary of your destination is available by geolocation via our site.

For the user: you must make a service request

Through our website, the contractor will contact you to discuss your project and enter into an agreement. The professionals are all qualified and RBQ certified. Notifications will be sent to all professionals in your area in real time directly to their phone. Professionals serve users in order of arrival, so first come, first served.

Our site is also perfect for people experiencing difficulties such as the deaf and dumb, because you have the choice of communication between email, SMS and phone which facilitates communication.

There may not be professionals available at the specific time of your request. This varies depending on the number of project requests and the availability of professionals, of course!

Clic here I am! is not responsible for service delays between the user and professionals.