Frequently asked questions

The user will always receive an email, a text message or a phone call, acknowledging receipt of your request

No, it is the professional who accepts your request and contacts you to dscuss about your project.

You always have the right not to accept the contract with the contractor.

You will receive a message asking if you want to leave your request on the service list or to remove it.

During your communication with the professional, he will inform you of the time that will be at your home. In addition, you will receive an email, text message or phone call depending on your service choice.

You will receive an invoice from the professional and you must pay the fee for the service, according to the agreement made with the professional.
Clic here I am! is not responsible for the generated sums, between the two parties for the service rendered between the user and the professional.
Clic here I am! is a free website for user who want to have faster service without having to spend hours on the phone and waste valuable time.

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